Virtual Launching of the ASEAN Coal Centre of Excellence For Clean Coal Technology (ASEAN COE CCT)


ASEAN is a significant economic force and a driver of global growth. The region has become the sixth-largest economy in the world and the third-largest in Asia. The future economic growth is expected to result in a rapid increase in the energy demand in the ASEAN region.

ASEAN energy demand is rapidly rising, and it is projected that coal will continue to be an energy provider to fulfil ASEAN’s need for energy. Most of the energy mix continues to be dominated by fossil fuels, especially coal, in the power generation share. The region’s directions in transitioning towards low carbon energy generation raise the challenges for coal-powered energy generation.

In ASEAN, most of the coal plants are still using old technology with low efficiency. Therefore, Clean Coal Technology (CCT) is vital in helping to ensure that coal is used sustainably by contributing to significant improvements in coal utilisation efficiency and environmental performance. For coal to play an essential role in the energy transition, cleaner coal utilisation should be pursued and implemented vigorously.

Therefore, to optimise the role of CCT in facilitating the transition towards sustainable and lower emission development, ASEAN is launching its ASEAN Coal Centre of Excellence for Clean Coal Technology (ASEAN COE CCT) which will be a key player in driving innovation, research, and development of CCT in the region.

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30 Sep 2021



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