Future of Energy Week


Dr Nuki Agya Utama – the Executive Director of the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), is invited this year as a speaker at the “Future of Energy Week” organised by The Economist.

In its upcoming Future of Energy Week, Dr Nuki, together with the policymakers, energy experts, business leaders, academics and scientists, is going to break down the concept of the energy transition, consider the issues that need to be overcome and explore what a change in the energy system means for Asia and the world.

Dr Nuki will join the panel discussion on “The World if… ASEAN had a regional power grid?” to delve into these issues. The sessions will be live on 5th October 2021.


The World if… ASEAN had a regional power grid?

The idea of an integrated ASEAN power grid is not new. Since the late 1990s, pundits have pondered the ambitious prospect of connecting power systems in the region and establishing multilateral power trading to meet rising energy demands. Providing a secure and reliable electricity infrastructure is vital to regional economic growth and integration. 

In this session, we invite experts to contemplate what the region would look like if (or when) ASEAN had a regional power grid. What would be the benefits and opportunities? What would it mean for the region’s energy security? How feasible is it?

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05 Oct 2021



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