Energy Outlook and Cooperation in the ASEAN Region


The 38th ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting on Energy (AMEM) on November 2020, has endorsed two (2) flagship documents that play a crucial role in the region’s energy cooperation: The ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation Phase II: 2021 (APAEC Phase II: 2021 – 2025) and 6th ASEAN Energy Outlook (AEO6).

Considering the importance of the two (2) documents, a dissemination webinar will be organised to reach all the relevant parties and stakeholders. The webinar aims to engage relevant parties and stakeholders for them to gain more understanding of the content of the two (2) documents and their relevant roles in the ASEAN energy cooperation. Moreover, the webinar is also aiming to improve public literacy on ASEAN’s energy cooperation and energy landscape.


16 Mar 2021



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