ASEAN-IEA Workshop on Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings and Cooling in Southeast Asia


Day 1 will focus on the importance of sustainable cooling for the ASEAN Member States and examine the design and implementation of effective policy packages for sustainable cooling, with a technology focus on air conditioners and electric fans. 

This session will touch on regulations, information, incentives, digitalisation, and potential behavioural change interventions to bolster energy efficiency. 

The session aims to identify key implementation strategies and best practice examples to guide ASEAN towards net-zero carbon goals.

Day 2 will focus on the importance of policies to support energy-efficient building design, development and construction, operation and energy systems in ASEAN, and examine gaps and strategies for implementing effective policy packages to support net-zero carbon, energy-efficient and resilient buildings. 

We will explore essential components of implementation actions to scale up energy efficiency and renewable energy utilisation in buildings in ASEAN during the panel discussion.

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02 Dec 2021 - 03 Dec 2021



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