Annual Chatham House Energy Transitions Conference 2021


This year, the annual Energy Transitions conference will bring together leading policy-makers, business leaders and industry voices to explore the emergence of a net-zero consensus, discussing the emerging technologies, new regulations and investments, public pressure, and changing nature of demand driving this trend, and how to capitalize on this consensus to successfully achieve the energy transition.

Dr Nuki Agya Utama, the Executive Director of the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), will deliver views and insight on the session “The Role of Politics and Consumers in Driving the Transition”.

This session will consider the impact of public perception of the energy transition in driving momentum, including political trends, public pressure and consumer choices.

  • Have developed countries seen a gear shift in public pressure on political systems to speed up the transition? Have behaviours and expectations changed during Covid-19?
  • To what extent have youth-driven movements impacted the momentum of the energy transition? What role has social media played in increasing public pressure?
  • Are consumers increasingly looking to give their business to sustainable companies, and what is the impact of this on organizational efforts to decarbonize? Will consumers play a large role in driving the energy transition than the government?
  • How is the conversation being shaped in the developing world? Can this influence future strategies?
  • How can we account for gender and socioeconomic considerations when shifting to renewables, to ensure that the transition is equitable?


19 Mar 2021



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