Strengthening Regional and International Cooperation in Financing Clean Energy in Asean Post-Crisis

By Rika Safrina and Hazleen Aris

Friday, 5 May 2023

Asean outlined ambitious targets of a 23 percent share of renewable energy (RE) in the Total Primary Energy Supply (TPES) and a 35 percent share of RE in the region’s installed power capacity.

Although the latter goal seems to be on track – the current record was 33.3 percent in 2020, the former needs to be realized with broader commitments (14.2 percent in 2020).

Not only regional energy ambitions, but Asean member states have also set their respective clean energy targets. Each country’s capacity, capability, and performance differ, and the national targets are decided with these in mind.

Some targets are close to the regional goals, while the rest are either above or below the targets or have different indicators. For example, Indonesia aims for 23 percent RE in TPES, while Malaysia aims to reach 31 percent RE in the power capacity mix by 2025.

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