Biogas-to-Electricity Development in ASEAN: Challenges & Oppotunities
Monday, 28 Nov 2022




Energy Transition


Monika Merdekawati (ACE), Ngoc Huong Giang Vu (ACE), Faricha Hidayati (ACE), Dr Takeshi Takama (Consultant), Cynthia Juwita Ismail (Consultant), Siti Nurlaila Indriani (Consultant), Muhammad Tahir Abdussalam (Consultant), and Yuniki Mediayati (Consultant)

Key Points

This report showcase a way forward for biogas-to-electricity development in ASEAN. There are six essential enabling factors for scaling up biogas-to-electricity applications in ASEAN that are detailed in the report. These are robust and supportive regulatory frameworks:

  1. Synergy and effective coordination.
  2. Advocacy and policymaker engagement.
  3. International collaborations and adoption of proven successful models.
  4. Key stakeholder capacity building and access to financing.
  5. Broad public awareness on the environmental co-benefits of biogas. The six enabling factors identified are integral to achieving the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation Phase II (2021 – 2025) targets.

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