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Qualification Requirements

The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) is an intergovernmental organisation that represents the interests of the 10 ASEAN Member States in the energy sector. Established in 1999, ACE serves as a catalyst for economic growth and integration in the ASEAN region by initiating and facilitating multilateral collaborations and joint activities on energy. It is guided by a Governing Council, consisting of Senior Officials on Energy from each AMS and an ex-officio member from the ASEAN secretariat.

ACE’s main tasks include providing technical expertise, promoting ASEAN-wide coordination of energy strategies, accelerating private sector investments, and serving as a regional energy network with a global reach. In 2015, the ACE Governing Council endorsed the business plan of an enhanced ACE, which serves as a high-performing institution, a regional centre of excellence, and a think tank, knowledge hub, and catalyst. The ACE Governing Council has mandated ACE to ensure self-sustainable financial funding, and to achieve this, ACE has re-engineered its Organisation’s Structure into the Organisation Matrix Structure, approved by ACE GC in 2020. This new matrix allows ACE technical officers to work on different projects under different pillars and recognises all project officers as ACE Core Staff.

Objective and Scope of Audit

  • General Audit financial report for the period of 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023
  • Assess whether ACE financial statements are prepared accurately, presented fairly and consistent with International Financial Reporting Standards or any standard adopting IFRS.
  • Assess and report on compliance with the terms and conditions of the Funding Agreement and implementation agreement (General Fund and Projects Fund), including all its addenda and in accordance with the accepted general international accounting standard.
  • Present the Audit Report in ACE Advisory Panel Meeting and ACE Governing Council Meeting

Requirement for Proposal from Prospective Auditors
The prospective auditor is required to submit a proposal in which the auditor shows its understanding of the audit scope and provides an indication of the professional fee for its services. The submitted proposal should have the following information:

  • Details of Audit firm/company profile. It includes an outline of the organization, size, and legal nature of the audit firm.
  • Experience in audit, especially with International Organizations and/or NGO and if possible, provide reference of the said clients.
  • CV of the auditors/Audit Team Members: The partners, manager and staff who will be assigned to audit including their relevant experience and qualifications.
  • An overview of assigned staff who will be involved and the time that will be allocated for the audit.
  • Audit approach: Determine audit strategy and undertake audit planning.
  • Audit Transition Process: Determine the transition plan.
  • Audit Quality Assurance: Describe the process used for quality assurance.
  • Fees: The estimate of total audit fees for reporting included printing and transportation, which were submitted upon request see section 7. High Levels Timeline.

From the prospective auditors, we will identify a shortlist who will be asked to make a presentation to the ACE Administration and Finance Team, including a question and answer session (tentative). Point number 7 of this ToR detailed the key dates from selection process until the final report due date.

Time and Contact Person
The Audit work shall start from the range of Week 4 October 2023 to 1st Week of November 2023. The work, including the report, shall be finished within 2 weeks before the ACE Governing Council Meeting.

All communications and queries related to an invitation to submit proposal shall be submitted in writing in form of hardcopy or softcopy to:

ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)
ACE Building 6th Floor
Directorate General for Electricity Complex
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Block X-2 Kav. 07-08, Jakarta 12950

The proposal should be submitted to [email protected] on or before 20 October 2023.

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