ASEAN CCT Handbook for Power Plant
Tuesday, 1 Jul 2014




ASEAN Power Grid


ASEAN Centre for Energy

Key Points

According to the 3rd ASEAN Energy Outlook, under Business-as-Usual (BaU) Scenario, the current trend of the energy path will stay the same where fossil fuels will remain the dominant source of energy and will remain as the biggest share in regional’s energy mix. The region’s primary energy consumption will grow at 4.5% per annum from 2007 to 2030, resulting in a corresponding 5.7% growth in CO2 emissions. This is due largely to the projected 7.7% annual escalation of coal consumption which is the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel, including the 4.4% annual growth rates of oil and the 3.2% of natural gas consumption. Until 2030, the composition of the region’s energy mix shows that fossil fuels are still the main energy driver to fulfil regional energy demand growth.

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