Accelerating RE Deployment in ASEAN: Gender Mainstreaming Efforts
Friday, 12 Aug 2022




Renewable Energy


Dr. Theresia Betty Sumarno, Amira Bilqis


  • Six key strategies to accelerate Renewable Energy (RE) deployment in ASEAN related to gender are (1) inclusion of gender aspects on the upcoming ASEAN RE Long-Term Roadmap, (2) initiating discussion among ASEAN Member States, ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Centre for Energy to kick-start this initiate, (3) setting up RE and gender policy development toolkit, (4) approaching the key institutions to support this initiative, (5) identifying ministries and departments that can be part of this initiative, (6) identifying existing national academic institutions that offer energy and/or RE-related programmes.
  • Weaving women’s potential into ASEAN’s renewable market creates positive snowball effects in promoting gender equity, bolstering RE investments and accelerating climate mitigation efforts.
  • Gender mainstreaming efforts in renewable energy shall comprise four phases: 1) raising awareness and database improvement, 2) gender integration in policy design, 3) monitoring and evaluation framework, and 4) policy implementation and oversight.

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