1st Workshop of ASEAN Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP) Scheme 3 Lao PDR – 2021/2022

Online, 6 – 7 September 2021

The 1st Workshop of ASEAN Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP) Scheme 3 Lao PDR under ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy – Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry of Japan (SOME-METI) work programme 2021-2022 was held virtually on 6 and 7 September 2021. 

Hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR, Lao PDR’s working group members and experts from ECCJ and ACE were convened virtually to discuss the development of EE&C regulatory framework specifically on energy efficiency & labelling and energy management system arrangement in Lao PDR. 

The importance of establishing EE&C legal and regulatory framework was emphasised, as stated by Mr Khammanh Sopraseuth, the Deputy Director-General, Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR, in his opening remarks. 

“Lao PDR has identified the reduction of domestic electricity consumption as a key priority to reduce greenhouse gas emission as well as to reduce fossil fuel import and to meet the target of 10% reduction of energy consumption by 2030. Therefore, developing EE&C regulatory framework through cooperation programmes such as AJEEP Scheme 3 is beneficial to help reach the energy efficiency goal in Lao PDR.”

The AJEEP Scheme 3 programme was started in 2012 and has been supporting Lao PDR in developing EE&C legal and regulatory framework through policy consultation support and expert dispatch. Various progress has been achieved since the inception of the programme.

Dr Nuki Agya Utama, the Executive Director of ACE, added, “Especially in Lao PDR, the cooperation under AJEEP Scheme 3 has provided critical components in supporting the development of EE&C legal and regulatory framework, including the importance of approval process and procedures on relevant regulations and policies, road mapping & development of action plans, and institutional set-ups.”

The workshop discussed the updates and progress on the development of the EE&C legal framework in Lao PDR, following the approval of the Prime Minister Decree on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in 2020. Lao PDR is currently developing the supporting policy, regulations, and guidelines for implementing decree, including the Provision of Standard and Labelling for Air Conditioner and the energy management system arrangement such as periodical report template, energy manager qualification system, as well as energy conservation guidelines.

As the AJEEP Scheme 3 will be concluded in 2021-2022, Lao PDR aims to complete the periodical report template and further finalise it in the last workshop to be held in Q1 2022.

Noting the accomplishments of this workshop, Mr Motofusa Murakami, Managing Director of ECCJ, in this final year of the implementation of AJEEP Scheme 3, emphasised that it is an appropriate time to conclude and summarise the outcomes from the 10-years cooperation. 

The ASEAN Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP) is a multilateral cooperation project for energy efficiency and conservation capacity through information sharing, knowledge exchange, training programmes, and policy consultation. Through the financial support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) of Japan, the programme is implemented by ACE and ECCJ.

(By Veren Yoshevania Sattvadharma)

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